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Like most speakers and coaches, when I started my business, it was HARD to get clients, charge what I was worth and have consistent cash flow. I sold my time by the session or by the hour, and for many years I did well enough but never made the kind of money or experienced the kind of “success” that I wanted (and felt I deserved).

Everything changed when I did 3 major things: 1) I shifted my business model, 2) I branded myself like a "Superstar" (even before I WAS one), and 3) I learned how to sell. 

And now here I am over 2 years later and not only did I succeed in GROWING my business by over 3x in 14 months (from 6 figures to 7 figures), I also started ENJOYING my business for the first time ever!!

And now I want to show you how YOU can do this in my Superstar Accelerator!
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What Benefits Are You Getting?

Awesome Program Benefit #1: 
The Identity-Influence-Income Inbound Marketing Jumpstart Program
($2,500 Value)

6 Modules + Bonus Module to build your unique, authentic and totally aligned speaker/expert/coach brand QUICK! 

Awesome Program Benefit #2: 
Fill-in-the-Blanks Strategic Roadmap: Your 1 Year Business Plan & 90-Day Action Plan
($3,000 Value)

Awesome Program Benefit #3: 
Superstar Sales Magic Kit Training with Done-For-You Scripts
($1,000 Value)

Learn the EASY way to sell with INTEGRITY, without selling your SOUL. Includes audio training and scripts that you can start using RIGHT AWAY. You could be selling with grace and ease with just 2-3 hours of prep – and this learning will last you the rest of your life!

Awesome Program Benefit #4:
Superstar Branding Academy 

The Branding Academy is modularly designed, so you can pick out specific projects – either strategic or tactical – to focus on. We list them in recommended order, but we encourage you to determine which project(s) would be the best use of your current available resources and fit in with your overall objectives.

Awesome Bonus #2: 
Live Event Ticket (Women's Success Summit - Nov. 2017)
($297 Value)

Learn what every expert, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker or trainer needs to know about making money (and making an impact!) with speaking, seminars and events!

Awesome Bonus #3: 
6-Figure Retreats Quick Start PDF
($197 Value)

The quick guide to mapping out and offering retreats – what to do, how to plan, how to sell, and more. 

Awesome Bonus #4: 
Rapid Results Implementation Call
($147 Value)

Get one-on-one implementation call with a Superstar Advisor who can help you prioritize and organize your action steps as you build your brand. We recommend scheduling this within 2 weeks of starting your program. 
The Superstar Accelerator
Your Subscription To Freedom, Fortune, Fulfillment & FUN!
  • The Identity-Influence-Income 21-Day Inbound Marketing Jumpstart ($2,500)
  • Superstar Strategic Roadmap  ($3,000)
  • Superstar Sales Magic Kit with Done-For-You Scripts ($1,000)
  • Superstar Branding Academy ($1,997)
  • Rapid Results Implementation Session ($147)
  • 6-Figure Retreats Quick Start PDF!! ($97)
  • Women's Success Summit LIVE ($297)

TOTAL Value $9,038
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What People Are Saying:
"The go to expert for speakers, authors and experts..."
"There is a very good reason Michelle Villalobos has received so many accolades for her work. She is the go to expert for speakers, authors and experts to skyrocket both their brands and their bank accounts. If you get the chance to work with Michelle, run don't walk to get her incredible strategies!”

Eli Davidson
Rapid Business Growth Expert, Featured on
CNN and The Today Show
"The work I did with Michelle has put me on the map..."
"My story shows the successful outcomes of applying the principles of personal branding that Michelle Villalobos teaches to achieve “expert status” in a niche. The work I did with Michelle has put me on the map for water sector communication. For example, I now "own" the term "water sector communication expert.” I also now have a website that showcases my unique knowledge and contribution to this global market. As a result of these efforts, I was offered and accepted a Vice President of Communications & Marketing position with BlueTech Research, the leading global authority on innovative technologies in the water market. I am a big fan of anything that Michelle is doing – and highly recommend her work!”
Donna Vincent Roa
Accredited Master Communication Strategist and Water Sector Communication Expert
Build A Business With PURPOSE & PASSION
Align WHO you are with WHAT you Do and who you do it FOR!
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There are moments in our lives when we make decisions that alter the course of our destiny. My commitment is that enrolling in my program is THAT meaningful, is THAT beneficial, and is THAT impactful – for you, and also for the people you will touch and serve. 


P.S. The time is NOW to move your life forward in the direction you desire. Remember – satisfaction GUARANTEED. No small print, no mumbo jumbo. We just want you to ACCELERATE your SUPERSTARDOM so you can go and change the world with your mission and message :)
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