What if WORK felt like PLAY...
Every Single DAY?

What if WORK felt like PLAY...
Every Single DAY?

Experts, Speakers, Consultants & Leaders...
I'm talking to YOU!
  •  Imagine what it would feel like to easily attract clients with inspiring branding & messaging...
  •  Imagine having consistent, predictable and sustainable Monthly Recurring Revenues...
  •  Imagine leading your business with grace & ease...
  •  Imagine feeling energized, inspired and resourceful in the face of challenges...
  •  Imagine your business being more fulfilling, and making a bigger impact...
  •  Imagine having total CLARITY about where to focus your time and attention to get results...
  •  Imagine having a plan of action, created with an expert business and brand strategist...
It IS possible. 
More importantly, it is possible for YOU.
And it starts with one weekend.

"At this event I nailed my niche and within 4 months I doubled my income and had my first 5-figure month!"

LeeAnn Marie Webster, Totally Telesummits
TBD in Miami FL
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Discover. Transform. Awaken. 
Tackle the 3 areas of your business that matter most: 
1) The Front-end, AKA: your brand
2) The Back-End, AKA: your income model
3) The Top, AKA: your own leadership and mindset
And do it ALL in 3 days. Yes, it’s really that good. 
If you’re engaged in a “transition” period in your life, career or business…
If you’re drawn to a life of growth, expansion and contribution…
If you’re ready for success on your terms, and nobody else’s… 
Then this Immersion Experience may be for you.

"Since starting my journey as a solopreneur, the hardest part has been getting out of my own way and allowing for the wisdom and experience of others to guide me, keep me aligned with my higher purpose, and be vulnerable in a safe environment.

Michelle, Jen, and the [Crew] helped me unlock some deep blocks that were holding me back to being clear, aligned and energized in my life and in my business. This weekend was truly magical. Even in the stressful times I’ve encountered since the weekend, I am able to 'awaken' in the moment and remember who I am and what I'm here to do. Ahh! Thank you!” 

Monique Catoggio, Leadership & Strengths Speaker, Trainer & Coach
TBD in Miami FL
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Meet Your Mentor...
Michelle Villalobos
The Superstar Activator
Michelle Villalobos, MBA mentors mission-driven experts, speakers, coaches, consultants and leaders live and work more fully and fearlessly by helping them to...

  • Dig deep and align their truest self with their income model(s)
  • Discover their purpose, vision and mission
  • Develop multiple and/or recurring revenue streams
  • Design an attractive, compelling "Superstar" brand 
  • Deploy this brand with proven marketing strategies 
  • Develop a Strategic Roadmap to get it all done
  • Build a CREW to support, uplift and inspire
...and do it all with GRACE & EASE!
As a Brand & Business Model Strategist, Michelle mentors and inspires leaders to tap into their dreams, overcome their fears, design an aligned business strategy, and discover a more powerful, fulfilled and committed version of themselves. Her programs help experts create more income, influence and impact. 

To this end, she draws both from her personal journey and countless "uh-oh to a-ha! moments," as well as from her business career, including 20 years in sales and marketing, and an MBA in business. 
She is an accomplished and respected industry leader whose clients include American Express, Audi, Bacardi and Gibraltar Bank & Trust. 

The Miami Herald named Michelle one of the city's “Top 20 Under 40” in 2011, and in 2013, she won the prestigious Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge. 

She also mentors a badass group of Superstars, influencers, entrepreneurs and leaders called The Superstar Inner Circle. 

Hear firsthand from our clients about what they've gotten from our immersion events.

Awaken Your Inner Superstar is 3 days of immersive, hands-on training with Michelle Villalobos personally and her team of Superstar Coaches & Support Staff.
  • In this intimate and supportive environment, you will:
  •  ALIGN your business activities with your strengths, gifts and desired lifestyle
  •  DEFINE your brand's positioning, unique value, target audience and compelling message
  •  REFINE your business model to generate monthly recurring revenue
  •  CLARIFY your packages and OPTIMIZE your pricing strategy to increase conversion
  •  OPTIMIZE your work and life for expansion, fulfillment and joy 
  •  ENERGIZE yourself and get into action around your goals
  •  CONNECT deeply with other amazing leaders changing the world
  •  UNDERSTAND the mindset challenges that hold you back (and LEARN tools to overcome them)
  •  DEVELOP a simple business plan for the next year, and a 90-day action plan  

"I regularly attend workshops and retreats, and this one took me a to a whole new level.

From a personal development perspective, this was the best weekend of my life. An amazing experience of energy, alignment... and growth."

— Pilar Ortiz, Talent, Speaker, Coach
Align Your Business With Your Truest Self, A Scalable, Sustainable Model, AND With The Latest Opportunities in The Market.
Recharge Your Mission, Messaging, Model & Mindset… All in One Weekend!
By the time this program is complete: 

  •  You’ll have CLARITY around how to position and brand yourself for the work that's best suited to YOUR unique personality, gifts, strengths, passions.
  •  You'll make KEY DECISIONS about your positioning in the marketplace.
  •  You'll DESIGN an INCOME MODEL or models that align with your personality, desired lifestyle, and core values.
  •  You'll PACKAGE and PRICE your value in a compelling way, and learn a new way to SELL it – with grace, ease and INTEGRITY. 
  •  You’ll develop your 3 core strategies to ATTRACT your IDEAL clients and FILL your PIPELINE consistently — plus add a BIG BACK END for stability and RECURRING REVENUE.
The 3 areas we’ll tackle are: 
1. Brand – every business needs a front-end that attracts clients, nurtures them, and builds credibility. This includes your messaging, marketing and branding using our Superstar thought Leadership Formula. 

2. Business Model (AKA: Your Big Back-End) – Develop a model with monthly recurring revenues so you can consistently generate revenues and have a nice base to start from each month. 

3. Brain – Nothing works unless you fully step into your role as a leader. Your mindset will make or break your outcomes, and we know lots of ways to help you take charge of your own mind. 

Request a spot now!
This is a small event, and seats are limited. Furthermore, we like to make sure people are the "right fit" to support the quality of the experience. That's why we have a conversation with every single person who signs up.  
TBD in Miami FL
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Why YOU. Why NOW.
We look at the news and see that our planet is basically falling apart. War, poverty, terror, violence, oppression... the list goes on and on. Perhaps you’re waiting for someone ELSE – like the government or our elected "leaders" –  to step up and fix it. This is called "Waiting For A Hero Syndrome" and most of us suffer from it. 

So here's a little wake up call...
What if YOU’RE the hero and the world is waiting for YOU?
Every day, everyday people do extraordinary things. Despite the hardships and challenges, plenty of people are waking up, and technology is leveling the playing field so that EVERYONE has a voice and can make a difference. 

What will YOU contribute to this planet during the time that you are alive? 

I get it. Maybe what I'm saying feels too big. Impossible. Pie in the sky. Not to mention, perhaps you WANT to contribute, you want to do your part, you want to SERVE, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day! You've still got to make a living, right? 

Right. That's where we come in. 

Awaken Your Inner Superstar is designed to help you grow a successful, sustainable, scalable contribution-oriented business, so you can make a living while making an impact. This event is the most compact, intensive program we could design to get you major results in minimal time. You'll walk away from this done with-you immersion with clarity, focus, direction and an action plan
If not you, then WHO? If not now, WHEN?

An Overview Of This Incredible Journey:

Day 1: YOU

The first step to building a Superstar business is to get clear about who you are, what your strengths and passions are, what you care about and are committed to creating in your life and in the world. From there, we’ll find your big mission and purpose-driven message that will become the cornerstone to all your marketing, communication and brand.


Once you’ve got a compelling brand that is aligned with your true identity, you need a
plan to strategically and consistently generate revenues with a business model that  aligns with the lifestyle you want to lead. Our commitment is for you to live and work in a way that you actually ENJOY and derive fulfillment from, while contributing to others and generating impact.


A brand and business model are not enough to build a business on... you  need to step into being a LEADER. Now it’s time to break out of your shell  and shine. We’ll teach you how to move through fear, uncertainty and doubt to become a powerful and influential leader. On Day 3 we’ll also help you map out your 1-year business plan and 90-day action plan.
“Michelle has completely changed me AND my relationship to my business!"
At Michelle’s event, I realized that I was on the wrong path... I was doing all the things that I hated most, like logistics, operations and HR. Michelle helped me shift my focus back to my talents and where I bring the most value. Now I am doing what I do best: speaking, TV appearances, and connecting with people. Michelle opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed!  No matter what she does, I will be there in the front row learning, growing and taking lots of notes."

– Adriana Hernandez, Creator of "Tiempo De Brillar" Personal Development Seminars, Workshops & Retreats, Executive Vice President, Midtown Pawn Boutique

Program Features & Elements
  •  Discover The Superstar Within Personality Testing & Feedback Package – Get clarity around your strengths and weaknesses, with an eye towards your most valuable (and monetize-able!) MAGIC.
  •  Awaken Your Inner Superstar Weekend – 3-day weekend immersion with Michelle Villalobos & the Superstar Coaching Team to achieve brand clarity, refine your model, define revenue streams, hone your message & develop your implementation plan. Includes:
  •  Strategic Roadmap & 90-day Plan – Nail down your action plan using Michelle’s proven structure designed to support and facilitate accountability, implementation and performance. Imagine feeling energized, inspired and resourceful in the face of challenges...
  •  Superstar Accelerator– Start building a Superstar business that aligns with your gifts, strengths and passions with this easy 6-Module Virtual Program.
  •  Superstar "Sales As Service" Magic Kit – The only sales program you will ever need to effectively sell with integrity. 
Feedback from a few of our talented Superstar Clients

More Love From Our Clients

"The 3-day retreat gave me a road map to brand myself, write my book, produce my events, land speaking engagements and monetize them."

— Ithamar Urdaneta, Author & Speaker

"In the first week after my retreat, I used the Superstar Sales System... and closed my first deal ever, a $7,500 monthly retainer for a year. Within 3 months, I'd landed 4 more clients."

— Sol Picón, Picón & Co.
 My mission is to help you monetize your magic... So you make more money while doing what you LOVE, sharing your gifts and making a bigger impact!
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(Spots in this program are limited because it is a small, immersion-style retreat event.)
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Is this right for me?
This event is for mission-driven business owners who are ready to make a difference in the world.

It's for those who have been masterfully building a career and already know how to "achieve," but are ready for something deeper, something more. A way to connect prosperity with purpose

It's for those who are ready to be supported by peers and guided by mentors, and who are decisive and can move quickly in implementing. 

Because the event is small and we want to make sure only the right people are in the room, we require each and every registrant to have a conversation with one of our coaches, before enrolling them. 
What are the dates?
Mark your calendar for December 8th-10th, 2017!
Why do I need to attend a live event?
There’s plenty of great information floating around on the internet, but as Michelle will remind you: "information is not transformation." Your life and business simply won't transform just from information.  

Sharing space and making a bold commitment to show up for this intimate 3-day immersion is the fastest path toward removing obstacles and building your dreams.

Live events are where missing pieces come together, decisions get made, and your self defeating beliefs can be overcome by being immersed in a community who sees you for your greatness – and won't let you off the hook. 

Only at a live event can you experience the magic of working intimately with Michelle and be face to face with other superstars who will inspire you and push you forward. 
I've been in business a long time, will this event help me?
Michelle’s diverse areas of expertise and specific step-by-step business building process has helped revolutionize hundreds of businesses - most of which were already doing well to begin with. 

Regardless of your development, Michelle can show you how to refine your messaging, optimize your model, add revenue streams, and bring your message to new audiences – all while aligning your desired lifestyle, your mission, and the way you run your business, so that you're also doing it all with more grace, ease, and joy.
What if I’m just getting started?
This event is designed for people who've been in business awhile, however, we believe that the earlier you do this work, the better. For that reason, if you are committed to learning and showing up 100%, then this even may be JUST what you need at this stage. 

Starting your journey with Michelle will cut your learning curve dramatically and help you make a bigger impact, and more money, faster.
Can men attend?
Yes!!  "We're women-focused and men-friendly." We love men and they're always welcome at our events. Just be ready for lots of (amazing) female energy :)
Where's the venue?
The immersion will be held in Downtown Miami Florida. You'll receive full details once you've been accepted and registered into the event. 
I'm in a very unique/different industry, will this event apply to me?
Most likely, yes. The best way to know for sure is to set up a call with us. We promise to lead you in the right direction, and if it's not a fit, we'll know and will make sure to let you know too. Plus we can often point you in the right direction for whatever else might serve you better. 
TBD in Miami FL
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