Your Message Has The Power To
Change The World
Leverage the Power of Speaking Onstage to Build Your "Expert" Brand, Broaden Your Impact and Fulfill Your Purpose on this Planet!

"Superstar Speaker Academy was one of the most significant weekends of my life."

– Bill Hansen, Bill Hansen Catering
June‍‍‍ 8 - 10, 2018, in Denver, CO
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You're One Speech Away...
The right message to the right audience at the right time can have the kind of impact on your business, on others and on the planet that you've only ever dreamed about.
"Hey Experts, Consultants, Speakers & Entrepreneurs
I'm talking to YOU!
Speaking is the engine that can drive your business, and your life. I've found that it's the fastest (and most joyful!) way to consistently grow your business, impact lives, and share your gifts!"

And in this 3-day training, you'll get put you in the driver's seat...
The Superstar Speaker Academy is for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and influencers who want to make a difference in the world. 

We're talking about professionals who've achieved a certain level of success already... And realize that SO MUCH MORE is possible. 

It's for those who are DONE playing the game of business as a solo sport, and are ready to be mentored, guided, supported and surrounded by others who are ALSO playing full out in building their dreams and pursuing their mission.
It's for those who see their BUSINESS as a platform for SERVICE, and know that TRUE WEALTH requires FULFILLMENT, because prosperity without purpose is pointless.
Superstar Speaker Academy is an intimate, workshop-style training event designed to support the next wave of emerging leaders – leaders with a mission, a message and a desire to lead a movement.

"By applying Michelle’s process from Superstar Speaker Academy our sales and my personal value have doubled!"

This event was truly career changing for me. I have always focused on our product more than my years of expertise as a posture specialist... After this event, I realized the value in my unique experience and how to maximize and monetize it. My book is almost complete and my personal brand and contribution are clearly defined. Thanks, Michelle, you give it your all and you are amazing!”

Marina Prospero
Posture Specialist & Founder of Perfectore Posture Transformation
June‍‍‍ 8 - 10, 2018, in Denver, CO
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Meet Your Mentor: 
Superstar Speaker & Brand Strategist...
Michelle Villalobos
Superstar Brand Strategist & Speaker

Michelle Villalobos, MBA equips and empowers mission-driven leaders, influencers, speakers, consultants and experts to live and work more fully and fearlessly by helping them to...

1.   Dig deep into their truest most authentic self
2.  Discover their purpose, life's vision and mission
3.  Develop a business model with multiple revenue streams
4.  Design an attractive, attention-getting "Superstar" brand 
5.  Deploy this brand with proven marketing strategies 
6.  Develop a Strategic Roadmap to get it all done
7.  Build a CREW to support, uplift and inspire

...and do it all with GRACE & EASE!
The Miami Herald named Michelle one of the city's “Top 20 Under 40” in 2011, and in 2013, it proclaimed her winner of the prestigious annual Miami Herald Business Challenge. 

She is an accomplished and respected industry leader whose clients include American Express, Audi, Bacardi and Gibraltar Bank. 
She also mentors a badass group of leaders called The Superstar Inner Circle

As a Speaker, Brand Strategist, and Mentor, Michelle draws from her personal journey, years of experience, and countless uh-oh to a-ha! moments to inspire others to overcome their fears and discover a more powerful, committed and fulfilled version of themselves... which almost ALWAYS leads to more income, influence and impact
"I learned the importance of branding myself in a way that truly represents who I am and my years of expertise!"
Sabrina Cohen
Founder / President of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation
At Superstar Speaker Academy, you'll get 3 days of immersive, hands-on training with Michelle Villalobos personally... 

In this intimate environment, you will:
  • Get next level clarity on your unique, compelling mission and inspiring message.
  • Design and refine your business model and back-end revenue strategy to optimize returns on speaking.
  • Identify new opportunities for leveraged income so you can grow your business with grace & ease!
  • Discover how to host your own profitable “Sold Out” events (and how to fill the rooms with ease).
  • Define a message that "WOWs" the crowd – and consistently drives high-quality leads and referrals.
  • Map out your programs, packages and pricing...
  • Design a strategy to fill your pipeline consistently!
  • Learn an easy and graceful process to enroll high-ticket coaching and/or consulting clients at premium prices. 
  • Learn how to get booked at major events, corporations, associations, workshops and conferences.
  • Develop your Strategic Roadmap and 90-Day Plan!

"I’ve doubled my income while maintaining the best quality of life I’ve ever had!

Before applying the principles that Michelle teaches, I was freelancing – working on events for various companies. I had multiple business cards, none of which were my own. Needless to say, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. My a-ha! moment was that I was always hiding behind someone else’s brand, which was a lot less vulnerable and risky than wearing my own. This realization rocked my WORLD, so I started defining my personal brand and implementing what I learned from Michelle at her event. In about a year...I’ve doubled my income while maintaining the best quality of life I’ve ever had. I highly recommend ANYTHING Michelle Villalobos offers. Don’t miss out!!”
Natasha Rauser, Crave Events
"She's given us so many tips and techniques to clarify our vision and fulfill on our dreams!"
WokStar Eleanor Ho
Creator of WokStar No-Recipe Cooking Classes & The WokStar Kit
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(Seats are extremely limited)
June‍‍‍ 8 - 10, 2018, in Denver, CO
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Why YOU. Why NOW.
We look at the news and see that our planet is basically falling apart. War, poverty, terror, violence, oppression... the list goes on and on. Perhaps you’re waiting for someone ELSE – like the government or our elected "leaders" –  to step up and fix it. We call this "Waiting For A Hero" syndrome and most of us suffer from it. So here's a little wake up call...
What if YOU’RE the hero and everyone is waiting for YOU?
I get it. Maybe that feels too big. Impossible. Heavy. Not to mention, perhaps you WANT to contribute, you want to do your part, you want to SERVE, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day! You've still got to make a living, right? 


That’s what Superstar Speaker Academy is all about. It’s about using speaking to make a difference AND to build a more prosperous and fulfilling career – with grace & ease.
If not you, then WHO? If not now, WHEN?

Speak To Serve
Speaking is the engine that drives my business, my life, my growth and my contribution to others. Speaking is lucrative, fulfilling and fun – especially when you do it with an authentic brand, an inspiring message, a scalable back-end, and an aligned marketing strategy.
– Michelle Villalobos
The 3-Day Immersion Experience
Being a speaker – an inspiring speaker – means going deep. For this reason, the Superstar Speaker Academy has been intentionally evolved into an intimate, hands-on get-things-done-style event. In this setting, you will be immersed in an entirely new and inspiring framework for building your business, step-by-step. Fast. 

In this community, you'll discover how to build a strong brand and an inspiring stage presence, that can give you the opportunity to design the life (and impact) you've been dreaming of.

You'll learn to both leverage speaking AND enjoy it more, so you can have more fun than ever before, while drawing more ideal clients into your business.
Michelle With Some Superstar Speakers
In these 3 days, we've seen deep friendships develop, strengths blossom, skill-sets get mastered, and incredible opportunities emerge, opportunities that take everything – both the personal and the professional – to the next level.

In this room, you'll find greatness – in the people around you, and in yourself. We are here to hold you, support you, inspire you, train you, and motivate you to reach new heights and change more lives.

"I’ve been able to cut my work week in half, hire staff, make more money than before AND spend more time with my family!”

As a brand-new mom and entrepreneur in the travel business, I had to find a way to work smart, not hard. After Michelle’s event, I took the journey of clarifying my identity, influence and income. I found and focused on a lucrative niche: group events at sea. Just by concentrating on this niche and branding myself around it, I’ve been able to cut my work week in half, hire new agents AND make more money than before.

– Janet Acosta-Fernandez, Cruise Impressions
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(This event is small and intimate, so seats are very limited)
June‍‍‍ 8 - 10, 2018, in Denver, CO
Click this link to get your name on the wait list, and then book a call with one of our Superstar Speaker Coaches to learn more, ask questions and register! 
Here's What We'll Be Doing Together:

Day 1: Map Out Your Mission

First we'll map out the big picture of your dream business – a business that complements your life and taps into your unique genius, gifts and strengths. We'll also take care to align your business model with your ideal day, week, month and year. 

Day 2: Market Your Message

Once we're clear about your big picture strategy, it's time to hone your compelling brand, movement-driven messaging and marketing strategy to get the word out. We'll teach you PROVEN strategies for attracting and booking speaking engagements, and for preparing, structuring and delivering your content for maximum engagement and impact.

Day 3:  Monetize Your Magic

Leaders know that their mission is best-served when it's well-funded. More money means more influence and more influence means more impact. On Day 3, we design and/or refine your back-end model, pricing and packages to maximize the ROI from every engagement or event. We'll also show you how doing your own events might be even more fun, more profitable and more impactful than speaking at others'!
“Michelle has completely changed me AND my relationship to my business!"
At Michelle’s event, I realized that I was on the wrong path... I was doing all the things that I hated most, like logistics, operations and HR. Michelle helped me shift my focus back to my talents and where I bring the most value. Now I am doing what I do best: speaking, TV appearances, and connecting with people. Michelle opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed!  No matter what she does, I will be there in the front row learning, growing and taking lots of notes."

– Adriana Hernandez, EVP, Midtown Pawn Boutique

More Love for Superstar Speaker Academy...

"Michelle is an open book and holds nothing back!"

If you want to leverage speaking, I highly recommend attending Superstar Speaker Academy! [Michelle] has created an event with incredible value. You'll walk away knowing how to book more speaking engagements, sell from the stage, and feel more confident while you are up there. This is a must attend, if you are even thinking about getting on stage!"

Vicky Townsend
President, Inspiration University, 
Founder, W.I.N.G. (Women Influencers Network Group)

"Through the guidance I got at your event I put together a website to showcase our engineering outreach work, and given the keynote I designed while sitting in the room: 'Beyond Bridges: How Engineers With and Without Borders Are Changing the World.'"

"I also spoke to a group of students about breaking stereotypes around engineering... and another one about the (social benefits of the) design process. In a few weeks I'll be giving another version of that at a parents' conference -- and getting paid to do it... woo hoo!! Thanks again for the generosity of the information and support that you gave me last year. Your Superstar Speaker Academy really [got] me to put myself out there!"

Erica Lee Garcia 
P.Eng., Owner and CEO, Erica Lee Consulting & Professional Services Inc.
 My mission is to help you align your core genius with your business... So you make more money while doing what you LOVE, sharing your gifts and making a bigger impact!
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(Seats are extremely limited and we will sell out)
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Is this right for me?
This event is for mission-driven business owners who are ready to make a difference in the world.

It's for those who have been masterfully building a career and already know how to "achieve," but are ready for something deeper, something more. A way to connect prosperity with purpose -- through speaking. 

It's for those who are ready to be supported by peers and guided by mentors, and who are decisive and can move quickly in implementing. 

Because the event is small and we want to make sure only the right people are in the room, we require each and every registrant to have a conversation with one of our coaches, before enrolling them. 
What if I’m just getting started?
Even if you're new to speaking, this event is designed to help you take all the steps you need to take, in the right order to clarify your message, build out the business back end for monetization, land speaking engagements, rock your presentations and make a big impact. 

Starting your journey with Michelle will cut your learning curve dramatically and help you make a bigger impact, and more money, faster.
Can men attend?
Yes!!  "We're women-focused and men-friendly." We love men and they're always welcome at our events. Just be ready for lots of (amazing) female energy :)
What are the dates?
Mark your calendar for March 23 through 25, 2018!
Why do I need to attend a live event?
There’s plenty of great information floating around on the internet, but as Michelle will remind you: "information is not transformation." Your life and business simply won't transform just from information.  

Sharing space and making a bold commitment to show up for this intimate 3-day immersion is the fastest path toward removing obstacles and building your dreams.

Live events are where missing pieces come together, decisions get made, and your self defeating beliefs can be overcome by being immersed in a community who sees you for your greatness – and won't let you off the hook. 

Only at a live event can you experience the magic of working intimately with Michelle and be face to face with other superstars who will inspire you and push you forward. 
I’m already speaking, will I get any value?
Michelle’s diverse areas of expertise and specific step-by-step business building process has helped revolutionize hundreds of businesses - many of which were already doing well. 

Regardless of your development, Michelle can show you how to refine your messaging, optimize your model, add revenue streams, and bring your message to new audiences – all while aligning your desired lifestyle, your mission, and the way you run your business, so that you're also doing it all with more grace, ease, and joy.
Where's the venue?
The immersion will be held at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami Florida. You'll receive full details once you've been accepted and registered into the event. 
Request your spot now
(Seats are extremely limited)
June‍‍‍ 8 - 10, 2018, in Denver, CO
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